Friday, November 12, 2010

The wide reach of the tea community.

It's not at all surprising to see a number of preview articles published before Ryuichi Sakamoto's appearances in ten major cities during his recently completed United States tour. The country is full of arts writers, and the marketing team involved with this particular tour was, as one would expect, on top of making sure that the right coverage happened leading up to the shows.

However, is it a little bit surprising that two of these pre-show articles were written by members of the Association of Tea Bloggers?

The one written by Thomas Conner of Tea Squared, was published in Chicago Sun Times.

The one I wrote was published in City Arts Magazine, and syndicated to Seattle Post Intelligencer. I knew about the other article before I wrote mine, but intentionally didn't read it until after.

This is from Sakamoto's opera "Life," written in 1999:

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