Monday, August 23, 2010

New tea (ad)venture

the store site
After a great deal of mostly secretive work, I have finished and launched the two websites for Phoenix Tea: the online store for Phoenix Tea Shop and the more informational site for Phoenix Tea House.

Phoenix Tea Shop will sell tea and teaware and other tea-related products. It will also endeavor to locate special tea items for customers by request. It is not intended to replicate any of the existing companies or stores already in existence, because that wouldn't be interesting for us, and there's no need for it.

the tea house site
 Phoenix Tea House will eventually have an actual physical location. It will be a place where people can come drink, buy and learn about tea. We also intend to present special events in the tea house, including tea ceremonies from various worldwide traditions, and educational seminars and classes. It will also house Phoenix Tea Museum, which will not be a formal museum per se, but will be an ongoing display of tea-related objects with information and identification accompanying each piece. Unlike the objects on display in most museums, the teaware in our museum will be for the most part still usable, and will be brought out for demonstrations and special occasions, or for the purpose of discussion and examination.

There's always further refinement to be done in all of this, but for the most part I am very pleased with the way the online and offline presence looks and the way the different parts of it function. I got a great deal of satisfaction out of doing the design work. I'm glad that this group of projects has its own very distinctive look and feel, one that I feel confident presenting to the tea world.

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